IIS FTP Hide folders and Files

Create the FTP Folder

  1. Create a folder that you want the FTP service to point to.

  2. Right-click the folder, click Properties, and then click the Security tab. Grant Full Control permissions to only the Administrators group.NOTE: Remove the Everyone group if it is present.

  3. Click Advanced, and then click Add to add a new rule.

  4. In the account selection list, double-click the Anonymous User account or the group that is used for FTP access.

  5. In the Apply Onto drop-down list, select Files Only.

  6. Click to select Allow for the following permissions:

    • List Folder/Read Data

    • Read Attributes

    • Read Extended Attributes

    • Read Permissions

  7. Click OK.

  8. Click Add to add another rule.

  9. Select the account that you selected in step 4.

  10. In the Apply Onto list, click to select This Folder only.

  11. Click to select Allow for the following permissions (note that List permissions are not listed):

    • Create Files/Write Data

    • Create Folders/Append Data

    • Write Attributes

    • Write Extended Attributes

    • Read Permissions

  12. Click OK until you have closed all of the property windows.

It doesn't seem to be working...?

If you are using virtual directories make sure you remove the tick box for virtual directories in "FTP Directory Browsing".  This will now remove the directory from view however, with a complete path you have access to the file without revealing other items in folder.  i.e ftp.domain.com\TechSales\file.txt

Virtual directories that i want displayed are no longer available?

The use of place holders will help.  Virtual directories have higher priority over physcial paths, as we have told iis not to display VD's a place holder will assist you with redirecting the user neatly.

To display an alias called CustomerDownloads (VD path F:\virtualDirectory\CustomerDownloads) previous displayed in the public folder; create an empty folder as a place holder visible to the anonymous user:  ftproot\LocalUser\Public\CustomerDownload