How to send internet traffic out the ISP (not through the BES server)

When you are on BES you have the three browsers by default, they are Internet Browser (use BlackBerry APN), BlackBerry Browser (uses BES MDS service) and the Carrier’s WAP Browser (Vodafone Live). If you use Vodafone Live you change be charged extra for the data usage so this isn't really recommended. What you should do on the BES is go "I.T Policy > Default Policy > Browser Policy Group" and change the following:

1. MDS Browser Title = MDS Internet
2. Allow IBS Browser = True
3. MDS Browser Use Separate Icon = True

After changing these policies you Internet Browser that uses the BES internet connection will be called "MDS Internet" and you should also see a separate "Browser" icon. This separate Browser icon will bypass your BES internet and use the free Blackberry APN get internet data