Description of Application Virtualization

  • Deployed in real-time to any client from a virtual application server.

  • It removes the need for local installation of the applications.

    • updates with no user interruptions

  • Streamed or locally cached from the application server on demand and run locally.

    • No reboots

  • Does not make changes to the client itself (OS File System and/or Registry).

  • App-V applications are also sandboxed from each other, so that different versions of the same application can be run under App-V concurrently.

  • Centralized installation and management of deployed applications.

  • Policy based access control; administrators can define and restrict access to the applications.

  • Moving to a new PC or a new version of Windows? Simply sign on to your new computer and your applications are available on demand

  • Track application licensing and meter usage.

  • Integrates with System Center Configuration Manager