UAC prompt Java

How to remove the UAC elevation prompt

Install Application Compatability Toolkit

Right click the Database and Create a new Application Fix

Provide a name for the program and vendor, then browser to jucheck.exe
(C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Java\Java Update\jucheck.exe)

The next page lists the compatibility modes. Locate and select RunAsInvoker from the list and click the Test Run button afterwards to see how the program starts with that new compatibility mode.

Save the database of programs by clicking on File > Save As in the menu, e.g. uac-whitelist.

The Compatibility Administrator saves the database as an sdb file on the local computer system. The database needs to be installed once. This needs to be done from an elevated command prompt. Click the Windows start button, then All Programs > Accessories. Right-click the Command Prompt entry and select to Run as Administrator from the context menu.

Now issue the command

sdbinst pathToUAC-Whitelist.sdb