OS WIM WAIK 1.1 Tools command lines

Adding Drivers Using WAIK 1.1 Tools

If you were wondering how to execute the procedure using the WAIK 1.0 or 1.1 tools, here it is:

1. Mount the WIM file using imagex tool:
IMAGEX /MOUNTRW "O:\Windows7.wim" 1 o:\mount

2. Inject drivers using peimg tool:
peimg /inf=O:\H8DA8-2\S2K3_64\*.inf /image=o:\mount

*.inf is representing all the previous drivers that we added above. Repeat the command line for each file.

3. Commit changes:
imagex /unmount /commit o:\mount

4. Add the new “Lite Touch Windows PE.WIM” on WDS as a “Boot Image”

dism /online /get-drivers /Format:Table > c:\Driver-online.txt

Dism.exe /mount-wim /wimfile:"O:\Windows7.wim" /index:1 /mountdir:o:\mount
dism /image:"o:\Temp\mount" /add-driver /driver:"O:\temp\drivers\iaAHCI\iaStor.inf"
Dism /unmount-wim /Mountdir:o:\mount /commit



reg load HKLM\MY_SYSTEM "Windows\System32\config\system"
reg delete HKLM\MY_SYSTEM\WPA /f
reg unload HKLM\MY_SYSTEM

slmgr /dlv

slmgr /ipk HMG6P-

Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard