Wordpress to Blogger migration; Publish to personal domain name 1and1

How to migrate from Wordpress to Blogger and to publish your blogspot.com address to your personal domain name - e.g. publishing www.syswow64.blogspot.com at www.syswow64.co.uk

NOTE: Work in progress
  1. Log in to blogger, select your Blog
  2. Select Settings > Basic > Publishing
  3. Click Advanced settings and enter your personal domain name and hit save.

    • You will receive an error message since you do not have proven ownership of the domain
  5. If you have your domain name registered with 1and1.co.uk (basic account) you will not be able to follow the instructions as the CNAME is too long (more than 32 characters).
  6. I suggest you change your NameServer to point at byethost.com. You will not only be able to take full control of long CNAMES but you will be able to add 5 domains and share 1000MB for free.
1and1 nameserver instructions:

  1. Login to 1and1 and go to the "Domain Overview"
  2. Select the domain name and edit the DNS settings to point to byethost.com.

Byethost Setup instructions:
  1. Register a free account with Byethost.com
(More to follow)


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