Corporate iPad management

This blog will cover how to manage corporate iPad; iPads owned by the company/school.

Once all prerequisites have been setup, enrolment is very quick as easy as turning the device ON.

Device Enrolment steps
  1.  Unbox and turn on
  2. Select language
  3. Select Region
  4. Connect to the Internet
    1. At this stage the onboard MDM agent will check in with Apple servers to see if the device is part of the Apple Device Enrolment program.
    2. NOTE: Devices not added to this DEP program must be enrolled manually: see below
  5. Open Safari and navigate to the URL
  6. Enroll corporate-owned devices with the Device Enrollment Manager (Microsoft Intune account specifically created and can enrol 2000 devices) 
  7. The Company portal page will ask you to Enrol the device and install the APN certificate.  Run through this process until finished.


How to reset the PIN?

If the user forgets their PIN; Administrator can reset by logging into
Select Groups> all Corporate-Owned Devices> identify iPad via mobile number
Select Groups> All Mobile Device> Right click iPad and Reset PIN



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