ConfigMgr 2012 Service Pack Upgrade - Unsupported ConfigMgr database version

ConfigMgr 2012 Service Pack Upgrade
(SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 upgrade)

I was performing the initial Test Database command from the SMSSETUP\BIN\X64 directory of the installation media run the following command:
(Setup.exe /testdbupgrade <database_name> )

Once the Pre-requistite check runs it references 'Unsupported ConfigMgr database version' and log states 'Failed to connect to SQL Server to verify site version'.
If you search else where you may think this is a permissions based issue (definately check) but in my case this was not the case and i knew the database was supported.

===== INFO: Prerequisite Type & Server: SQL: =====
<<<RuleCategory: Database Upgrade Requirements>>>
<<<CategoryDesc: Checking the target ConfigMgr database is ready to upgrade...>>>
INFO: CheckTestDBVersion start ...
ERROR: Failed to connect to SQL Server to verify site version.
Unsupported ConfigMgr database version;    Error;    For the site database upgrade to succeed, the database version must be Configuration Manager 2012 R2 or later.
INFO: Start checking SQL Native Client 11.
INFO: SQL Native Client 11 is already installed on local machine.
Sql Server Native Client;    Passed
INFO: SQL Server computer <Name.Domain.COM>
INFO: SQL Server named instance <>
INFO: Cannot connect to registry key.

Resolution: It was an issue in the Syntax on the command line. It is quite common for the database name to resemble CM_P01 or CM_P02 etc.  However, in this case it was CM_PO1 and CM_P02 etc.
If you look closely there is a difference.  Check whether its a ZERO (0) or a letter O

Setup.exe /testdbupgrade <database_name>


  1. Yes, not a very intelligent bit of code behind this error evidently. It also means, as you discovered, "The specified database was not found".


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