Wednesday, March 16, 2016

SCCM - Create Client Authentication Certificate for Workgroup machine

Content of ConfigMgrClientCertificateWorkgroup.inf

Subject = "CN=WorkgroupServerName"
MachineKeySet = True
Exportable = TRUE
KeyLength = 2048
CertificateTemplate = ConfigMgrClientCertificateWorkgroup

Certreq -new ConfigMgrClientCertificateWorkgroup.inf ConfigMgrClientCertificateWorkgroup.req

certreq -submit ConfigMgrClientCertificateWorkgroup.req ConfigMgrClientCertificateWorkgroup.cer
Select DomainControllerName

certreq -accept ConfigMgrClientCertificateWorkgroup.cer

Open MMC Certificates Machine and export Cert with private keys

Import New Cert into into Workgroup system certificate store
Import Trusted Root Cert - Local-CA

Install CCMSetup with following command line


Open LocationServices.log and look for the following entry

LSUpdateInternetManagementPoints: Successfully refreshed internet MPs from MP

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