SCCM Task Sequence with automated AD Computer naming Web Services

Maik Koster created a wonderful Deployment Web Service which can help an admin automate many AD, SCCM, and MDT tasks within a Task Sequence.  This blog entry is specifically around producing a Computer Name in Active directory and passing this staged computer name into the OSDComputerName TS variable.

1 Download the DWS from here and extract to a directory on your webserver
2 Open IIS Manager and expand Sites.
3 Right click on Default Web Site and choose Add Application
4 Specify an Alias and point the physical path to the extracted directory.
5 Right Click the applications Pools and choose "Add Application Pool"
6 Provide an Application Pool Name
7 Click on Application Pools
8 Right click on your Application Pool and select Advanced Settings
9 In the Process Model area click into the Identity field and then click on the ... Button
10 Choose Custom account and click on Set...
11 Enter a valid Username and Password and click OK
12 Expand Default Web Site and select the new Application created in step 3
13 Right click and choose Manage Application - Advance settings
14 In the General Area > Application Pool field select the Application Pool name created in step 6
15 Expand Default Web Site, Click the Application added in step 4 
16 Click Application Settings on the right and specify the appropriate accounts. See "Configure Application Settings" section below.

CustomSettings.ini Example


Configure Application Settings:

On default, the webservice will use the configured application pool user for authentication. It requires only a couple Application Settings to be set:
RootServer - The SCCM Root Server
SLPServer - One SCCM Server with the SLP Role
RootSiteCode - The Root site code

For Access to the MDT Database you need to configure at least
MDTDBServer - The MDT Database server (with Instance if necessary)
MDTDBName - The MDT Database name
MDTDBIntegratedSecurity - Set to "True" if you want to use the application pool account for authentication. If set to "False" you need to supply the following two settings
MDTDBUser - Username to access the MDT Database
MDTDBPassword - Password to access the MDT Database

For Active Directory access, you can optionally configure the following Application Settings. This is only necessary, if the application pool user account does not have enough permissions to do execute the required functions, and/or if you need to access a different domain as the application pool User is member of:
ADDomain - Domain to query (use either "" or "DC=Domain,DC=COM" format)
ADUsername - Username for authentication
ADPassword - Password for authentication

Deployment Web service (v7.3)



  1. Hi,
    The webservice is creating a computerobject that is disabled and OSD cannot join the computer to the domain. How do you solve this?

  2. Hi,
    The webservice is creating a computerobject that is disabled and OSD cannot join the computer to the domain. How do you solve this?

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